Tips for planning a trip to Geoje island, South Korea

Traveling to new places usually brings a mix of emotions; the excitement for the adventure and exploration to come as well as a bit of anxiety about the unknown and the things you can’t control. Internet resources have made it easier to find out information about places before we visit them which makes us better prepared and relaxed enough to enjoy the adventure.

South Korea is one of the easiest countries to travel in my opinion. The country has a reliable network of road, rail, and internet access along with picturesque nature and islands. Geoje island, located off the Southern coast, is a hub for large ship building companies and a welcome break from fast-paced city life for weekend visitors. It has a true island feel of clean air and slower paced living that is immediately noticeable on arrival and perfect for a weekend getaway.

I’ve put together some pointers to consider as you plan your trip to Geoje.

Before the trip


Accommodation should be pre-booked for your comfort. One can find accommodation on sites like AirBnB,, Agoda and Yanolja. Agoda and Yanolja are the more popular sites where you will find recent detailed reviews. A simple search for ‘Geoje island’ will bring all the options after which one can filter using the provided map, proximity to amenities, or a particular area of the island. The pricing is similar for both Agoda and Yanolja with the only difference being that Yanolja is only available in Korean language. Be sure to check recent reviews to get a good picture of what is being offered. You can also consider booking on arrival. This may be possible for some accommodations although availability is not assured and choices of rooms might be limited.

Accommodation options include hotels and pensions. Korean pensions are similar to bed and breakfast except breakfast may not be provided in some cases. They are usually located in quiet neighborhoods and most provide a kitchen, microwave, and utensils. If you are traveling on a budget, I recommend pensions. Their prices start from as low as $30 per night depending on the location and you can bring along some food to prepare during your stay.

Tip: Select accommodation that is near the attractions you’re interested in visiting, and near a bus stop if you’ll be using public transport to reduce walking time


Located relatively close to the mainland, Geoje is only accessible by road. This means that one needs to pre-book bus tickets to the Geoje bus terminal. These can be purchased on the intercity bus website. If you are not sure of your return time, you can book a one-way ticket and book the return ticket on the day-of. Just make sure to check the availability of tickets the day before or early on the day-of your return as they might run out quickly especially if you are traveling on a major National holiday or weekend.

During the trip


While on the island, one can use a rental car, taxi or buses to get around. The bus schedule for Geoje island can be accessed on the Blue city Geoje website. Taxis are on call at every bus stop in the city. Be sure to note down the phone number in the taxi as that can help with calling a taxi while in the outskirts of the city where they may be harder to find.

Alternatively, you could rent a car for the duration of your stay. It is slightly more costly than using the city buses but more convenient. For reference, for a three-day stay one may spend approximately $200 on the rent car option compared to approximately $30 using city buses and taxis.

For navigation around the island, download the KakaoMap app.

Tip: Buses are not as frequent in some parts of the island and may NOT be available from 7pm onwards on some days. Bus stops may also be quite a distance from the attractions. Do plan your activities around this so that it’s not an inconvenience.


Popular attractions on Geoje island include;

  • Oedo Island, accessible by ferry from Dojangpo Beach. Ferry tickets are available on arrival at the beach
  • Gujora beach
  • Mongdol pebble beach
  • Windy Hill, featured in a Korean drama series
  • Geoje sea world

You can also find more attractions on Trazy (an app that is popular for travel among foreigners in Korea and may have tour packages), and blogs about the island’s attractions and activities. You can also explore to discover places you may like.

After the trip

Make sure to leave an honest detailed review about your accommodation to help other travelers.

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