The “first preliminary schooling in spirituality”

Philippa Perry gives us this truth in “How to Stay Sane.” “We all like to think we keep an open mind and can change our opinions in the light of new evidence, but most of us seem to be geared to making up our minds very quickly….we process further evidence not with an open mind but with a filter, only acknowledging the evidence that backs up our original impression.”

In the 1888 “Twilight of the Idols” (translated by Richard Polt), Friedrich Nietzsche, among other things, writes of tasks for educators.

One of the tasks is to help us “To learn to see — to accustom the eye to composure, to patience, to letting things come to it; to put off judgment, to learn to walk around all sides of the individual case and comprehend it from all sides.”

Friedrich goes on, interestingly, to tell us that this is the ” first preliminary schooling in spirituality” — the cultivation of a mind that does “not….react to a stimulus right away….”

Peace 😊

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