“The task of education is not to teach subjects….”

Ken Robinson makes the deep observation (“Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative”) that “Too many teachers are hired for knowledge of their discipline rather than their interest in students.” This is a result of not comprehending a simple, fundamental truth. “The task of education is not to teach subjects: it is to teach students.”

J Krishnamurti points out (“Education and the Significance of Life”) that

“What we are in ourselves is much more important than the additional question of what to teach the child, and if we love our children we will see to it that they have the right kind of educators.”

In his 1926 book “On Education”, Bertrand Russell writes: “More important than the curriculum is….the spirit in which the teaching is given.” “The teacher,” Bertrand goes on, “should love his children….”

Peace 😊

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