“Emancipate your own self”

The relationship and communications between Mahatma Gandhi and Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore are lessons in how human beings can disagree on many matters, yet respectfully dialogue in ways that deepen mutual understanding, and love each other.

In a letter dated 30th September 1932,  Gurudev writes to Mahatma that “you know how to move the hearts of those that are obdurate, and only you, I am sure, have the patient love that can conquer the hatred that has accumulated for ages.”

In a letter dated 24th November 1932, Mahatma writes to Gurudev: “Your previous letter comforts me. It is enough for me that you are watching and praying.”

In a letter dated 2nd April 1910, from Mahatma to his nephew Maganlal, we read messages to each of us. Mahatma tells us  to realize that it is important to live the highest principles, the highest Teachings.

“Emancipate your own self,” Mahatma advises Maganlal. “Apply everything to yourself.” 

With words that remind us of the timeless idea “Atmano mokshartham jagat hitaya cha”for the salvation of our individual self and for the well-being of all — Mahatma emphasises that the self-emancipation he advises is not for selfish reasons but because “you are yourself India. In your emancipation is the emancipation of India.” 

Peace 😊

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