“Love is the most practical thing in the world.”

In the speech at the end of Charlie Chaplin’s powerful 1940 film, “The Great Dictator”, the barber who impersonates the dictator tells us that “Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed.”

In his chronicle (“The History of the Peloponnesian  War”, translated by Richard Crawley) of the 400 BC war between Athens and Sparta, the historian and army general Thucydides sends us this lesson, true for all time: “The cause of all these evils was the lust for power arising from greed and ambition.”

Responding to a comment (“Think on these Things”) from a student that “One of our professors says that what you are telling us is quite impractical,”, Jiddu Krishnamurti requests the student to think through “what is practical?” 

” A society based on greed and acquisition has always within it the spectre of war, conflict, suffering; and is that practical? Obviously it is not. That is what I am trying to tell you in all the various talks.”

Krishnamurti goes on:

“Love is the most practical thing in the world. To love, to be kind, not to be greedy, not to be ambitious….to think for yourself – these are all very practical things, and they will bring about a practical, happy society.”

Peace 😊

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