“….the greatest thing….:

The 101 years old Eddie Jaku writes, among other things, about surviving the Holocaust (his parents died at the Auschwitz concentration camp) in “The Happiest Man on Earth: The Beautiful Life of an Auschwitz Survivor”.

He believes that he survived because he had been given “a responsibility to speak about it….a duty to help educate the world about the dangers of hate.” He writes: “….I hate no one, not even Hitler” because he is convinced that “Hate is the beginning of a disease” that “may kill your enemy….but will destroy you in the process too.”

He tells us of “the most important thing” he has learned in life, “the best medicine” that redeems and saves  — “the greatest thing…. is to be loved by another person.”

Swami Vivekananda ends a November 1898 letter (“The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda”) to the Maharaja of Khetri with these lines:

“There is only one element in life which is worth having at any cost, and it is love. Love immense and infinite, broad as the sky and deep as the ocean — this is the one great gain in life. Blessed is he who gets it”

Peace 😊

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