Constant compassion to all

Neil Gaiman ends his poem “What You Need To Be Warm” with the verse:

Sometimes it only takes a stranger, in a dark place,
to hold out a badly-knitted scarf, to offer a kind word….
….to make us warm in the coldest season.

Corinna Luyken ends her soul-warming illustration-book, “my heart” with these words:

My heart is a shadow,

a light, and a guide.

Closed or open….

get to decide.

Photo by Zac Duranton Unsplash

In the section of the “Mahabharata” (translated by Bibek Debroy) titled Markandeya Samasya Parva,   we read a person (who makes his living selling deer and buffalo meat) explain what dharma is to a previously conceited Brahmana, Koushika. Among the traits essential to a good life, this person says, is an attitude of “constant compassion towards all beings.”

Peace 🙂

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