it’s a publication of Accuracy Event Management System, a plattform that optimises organisation and communication in any kind of event by combining a web management platform, a network of Beacons and a mobile application for Android and iOS 

Accuracy allows visitors to be identified and geo-localised, and individual communication to be made with them to launch commercial offers and to manage inputs and outputs

It is entirely personalisable and applicable to sports, cultural, professional and musical events and to any customer attention system in large shopping centres

More info in our website Accuracy Events Management System

Sectors where we apply this technology

Shopping centres

To identify the client, to make specific offers to them, to launch notifications with promotions of their favourite products, to manage the personal assistance of salespeople and to know their needs based on their location and route.


The localisation of a device in a specific place allows passengers to be guided to their destinations with specific installations on areas, boarding gates and times depending on flights, trains and the details of each passenger.


Detecting the arrivals of visitors and guests and speeding up the identification and registry process. Guidance is also possible through large enclosed complexes, comments can be received and personalised documentation sent.

Education and culture

The Beacons and a specific application can offer visitors to museums and cultural complexes personal guides with which to interact with certain contents depending on their interests and situation, and also to receive additional information.

Theme parks

Applications managed with Beacons allow heat maps to be established to manage visitor flows, to help them along their routes, to launch commercial offers and information in real time on waiting times and hotel bookings.

Sports complexes

The identification of each visitor and their location enables them to be guided to their destination and to be given detailed information on the event and commercial offers depending on their location and preferences.