Hoy os presentamos un vídeo, de la compañia Hybris, donde aparte de presentar su producto , visualiza muy bien las posibilidades de una pareja que va a dar mucho que hablar: Google Glasses y Beacons.

En el caso del producto de Hybris, se integran estas dos tecnologías para crear una unificada y enriquecida experiencia de compra a los clientes.


Transcripción del audio del video (inglés):
At hybris we think that customer journeys should be frictionless, from home to mobile to store, everything should just work. Kinda like this.

Take a look at Miguel, he’s interested in a pair of trick skis. Using a simple hybris app he retrieves some product details from a QR code and makes a request for customer service the next time he’s in a store.

As Miguel walks into the the store a little piece of magic happens, thanks to google glass, a couple of ibeacons and hybris Sarah the sales assistant knows that Miguel is in the store and exactly what he’s interested in purchasing.

We’ve connected Miguel’s Facebook profile to the hybris in-store app and displayed his profile picture in Sarah’s Google Glass. She recognises him immediately.

As they walk over to the skis Sarah checks Glass for the product highlights.

She quickly finds the skis and with the product content in front of her she’s fully briefed and ready to provide the informed and connected, customer service Miguel has come to expect.

Let´s get the bindings fixed

At payment Sarah notices Miguel has a pair of headphones in his wishlist and the skis have qualified him for a great promotion. Everyone’s happy.

In-store or at home it doesn’t matter to hybris because we connect everything.

It’s the future of commerce. Now.