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Since 2013 Apple has been quietly developing, patenting and spreading the iBeacon technology. And before you can say “Apple”, the tech giant will pretty much “iBeaconise” every major event, retail store and location! Already, tech bloggers are dubbing 2014 the “year of the iBeacon”. Others are claiming that the iBeacon will drop, kick, punch NFC (Near Field Communication) and leave it dead meat in its wake.

Scared of what monster Apple is planning to unleash on us?

Basically, iBeacon technology consists of different sensors or emitters called ‘beacons’ which are specifically placed in any location. They can detect when an iOS 7 or an Android device is in close proximity. Once they detect and process the device’s signals, they can help the customer with an iOs or Android device make payments without using their credit card or cash. But that’s not where it ends, iBeacon allows businesses to send customers personalized promotional offers or directions to products that they may want to buy. The best or worst part of it all (depending on which side of the debate you are on) it’s such a low cost technology that it can easily and massively deployed anywhere at all.